Subterranean Plant Root Water Reservoir $59.95 MSRP plus 19.95 handling/shipping


Total depth – 16” dimension (4” reservoir + 12” water tower legs)

Vertical dimension of shield wrap is 12”, horizontal dimension 92”


Our products provide for plant care systems below and above ground. When used with “shield wrap” the product deters burrowing animals and invasive roots. The premise of the product is to “fill it and forget, between water cycles”. By providing direct underground hydration, far less water is needed.  While providing for direct and deep hydration to the roots and root systems, WITHOUT EVAPORATION.

In purchasing a “Subterranean Plant Root Water Reservoir”, you are providing multiple modes for year round hydration to plants with a mechanism for rapid and direct introduction of hydration/nutrients/ minerals.

Multiple modes being:

  1. a) Water hydration during in season use
  2. b) Water plus Nutrient/Mineral in season use
  3. c) Water/Nutrient/Mineral hydration off season use, in unfrozen ground

The product provides plant roots the protection they need in order to survive and thrive in normal to harsh environments via a semi containment and control system. The system provides for instantaneous deep hydration percolation of water to plant roots and root subsystems.

The system provides a definite advantage over at ground level percolation. The system is a permanent fixture for hydration at subterranean level irrigation points.

By utilizing the drip and soaker method, provision is made to alternate paradigms where the root and root systems are allowed to dry out partially in order to avoid water logging. While at the same time the system permits re engagement of hydration at any time


If customer is not satisfied with the product, the product price will be refunded in full minus 15% restocking fee.  Customer must pay for return shipping.