How It Works

Introducing a new, exciting and dynamic mechanism process, for the protection of tree and shrub root systems. ”The Subterranean Plant Root Water Reservoir” can be used with or without shield wrap. Our product is a plant  protection system,  for use below ground. When used with “shield wrap” the product deters burrowing animals and invasive exterior roots. The premise of the product is to “fill it and forget, between water cycles”. Through the use of direct underground hydration, much less water is needed, while hydration is provided directly to the roots.

In purchasing a “Subterranean Plant Root Water Reservoir”, you are providing multiple modes for year round hydration to plants with a mechanism for rapid and direct introduction of hydration/nutrients/ minerals.

Multiple modes being:

a) Water hydration during in season use

b) Water plus Nutrient/Mineral in season use

c) Water/Nutrient/Mineral hydration off season use, in unfrozen ground

The product provides plants the protection they need in order to survive and thrive in normal to harsh environments via a semi containment and control system. The system provides for instantaneous deep hydration percolation of water to plant roots and root subsystems.

The system provides a definite advantage over at ground level percolation. The system is a permanent fixture for hydration at subterranean level irrigation points. By utilizing the drip and soaker hose method, provision is made to an alternate paradigm where the root and root systems are allowed to dry out partially in order to avoid water logging. While at the same time the system permits reengagement of hydration at any time.

By planting a tree or shrub within a “Subterranean Plant Root Water Reservoir” it is possible to provide a plant with the needed water, nutrients and minerals from the onset of the life of the plant. These features permits added protection in times of drought and enhances the ability of the plant to thrive in normal to above normal conditions. The needed hydration is directed toward the root and roots systems immediately.

Water Intake – The Water Entry Ports lie 2 to 3 inches above ground

The Subterranean Plant Root Water Reservoir – The water reservoir fully encompasses the root ball

We are in the business of helping people to plant trees and shrubs in a proper manner. In a manner that ensures greater chances of success as compared to planting by happenstance. Our system provides for comprehensive plant protection from the roots upward. From creating proper hole size and diameter, to basket protection for the root ball, to recommendations for proper soil amendments. We are here to help you to succeed with your plants. Our products provide the number one advantage in plant root management, direct deep root watering on demand. As opposed to surface percolation that may or may not eventually reach proper deep levels to the roots. The PLANT IT RIGHT system provides for immediate deep root hydration with a rapid drip infusion followed by slow soaker hose percolation. No water is wasted via evaporation. Plus the system incorporates the added advantage of being able to provide nutrients and minerals via the same hydration delivery water ports.

Plant It Right—as the name implies provides for :

a. Good hydration

b. Protection from burrowing animals

c. The ability to change and to semi contain soil types

d. Direct nutrient access

e. Long term protection in good times and bad—Especially in regards to prolonged

periods of drought

Additionally by creating a good topsoil and subsoil medium, plant roots can be established in extended areas of root reach. Good soil that is composed of sand, clay and organic material (that has been enhanced) can produce soil that is acidic, neutral or alkaline. Provided other conditions such as temperature, humidity, maximum freeze, maximum heat and so forth can met, the range of plants can be extended.

By utilizing the underground root water reservoir system it is possible to keep enhanced and enriched soil semi contained. Further via the use of liquid nutrients the soil can be maintained after the original upgrade.

By purchasing a PLANT IT RIGHT protector you provide an environment that gives adequate nurturing and cultivation conditions for the plant from the root system and up. You create a medium where plants not only thrive but where they have the potential to grow in a more rapid manner in optimum conditions.

Guaranteed deep hydration access for life of the tree or shrub

A substantial amount of water is lost via surface drip irrigation. With subterranean water infusion, the water is put directly to use at the ROOT LEVEL. This provides deep hydration with minimal soil agitation.

The product can be used in the regular mode or can be formed into a basket via a shield wrap. In the closed basket mode soil is kept segregated from the outer soil layer and protection is provided against burrowing animals.  While providing a means for roots to emerge from the basket while the tree develops.

By creating a healthy transport mechanism, plants are provided a vehicle for normal to above normal sustained growth.

With the PLANT IT RIGHT system avenues to deep root watering are already in place and will be in place for years to come. Fill it and forget it, until the next cycle. THE PLANT IT RIGHT system is a must for drought conditions and a bonus in regular conditions. With the PLANT IT RIGHT system proper root balance and health are primed for success. Plus, further growth and enhancement can be obtained through the judicious use of liquid nutrients and minerals. The basics of the underground reservoir system is the creation of conditions where plant roots are trained grow outward and downward with vigor. Deep roots that are spread out are the foundation of health expansion. Stable roots are health roots!!

Surface irrigation is subject to massive water losses via evaporation. Surface irrigation is a downward system based on gravity.  With surface irrigation water tends to penetrate in a shallow manner.  On hot days with surface irrigation water is placed in an uptake and evaporation mode that prevents deep penetration. With portable hydration water/ nutrients/minerals can be sent directly and deeply into the root system. This results in a more effective use of hydration with less input.

Statement of an obvious, but misunderstood point. The force of gravity causes liquids to seek a downward momentum. With the said, downward momentum can be obstructed by solid soil compaction. This can be avoided by creating lower points of liquid hydration emission.

Newborn plants, like newborn babies need a specialty diet in order to establish a solid footing in life. By digging a proper hole and by adding enhancements to the back filled soil,  plants are given a healthy and vibrant medium in which they can thrive. Just as if they were a baby. By creating these conditions adult trees incorporate success into their dynamics.