Living rurally on the eastern plains of Colorado in what is known as a dry land farming area, we acquired firsthand knowledge into how environmental conditions can be harsh, brutal, and unforgiving.  In terms of plant establishment, be it grasses, trees, shrubs etc., extra care and caution are required to avoid total and complete plant failure.  Semi-arid and arid conditions are not forgiving.

Through trial and error we developed various techniques in regards to turning negative and adverse conditions into positive and favorable conditions with bountiful results.  The first thing we learned was to understand the basics of plant function in the root system area.

Soil conditions (including PH), temperature, general climate and hydration are of paramount importance.  By tackling each of these requirements we concluded that after soil conditions and temperature needs are met climatic conditions can be modified via hydration.  In addition to basic hydration we discovered that by providing liquid nutrients and minerals into the system, greater plant development and enhancements can result.

THE BOTTOM LINE is that plants are powered by roots and root sub systems.  Sounds simple enough, but many people do not understand the exact meaning.  By power what is meant is to get the maximum amount of hydration, (with or without nutrients or minerals) into the root ball system with minimum or no evaporation.

We developed a unique mechanism where water can be directly infused (without evaporation) to the roots.  By providing hydration from the top down and the bottom up, root systems are covered in an orbital matter.  Climatic conditions can be mitigated by focusing on the heart and the brain center of the plants, THE ROOTS.    We discovered that by creating proper soil conditions with amendments, positive results can be obtained by creating direct watering vectors.

In effect we have created a system where an oasis can be generated in spite of local conditions.  The product we developed is suitable in arid and semi-arid environments.  The system can also be used in areas with plentiful rainfall in order to provide direct nutrient and mineral infusions.

The key point is to provide hydration directly to the roots in order to mitigate negative and harsh conditions.

The product that resulted is the result of our efforts. We hope our product can benefit and assist you in the same manner.   Please feel free to provide us with your feedback about the product.