Once you have planted your healthy tree, you’ll need to pay attention to all parts of the tree – not just the roots.  Yes, healthy roots are vital to the longevity of your tree, all parts of the tree need to work together to stay in tip-top shape

Let’s start with the Leaves

The leaves of your tree are like tiny little powerhouses that produce nutrients for the entire tree.  The chlorophyll in the leaves gathers light energy from the sun and combines carbon dioxide from the air and water drawn from the soil to produce food and nourishment for the entire tree.  The trees and the roots work in harmony to keep the tree fed and healthy.

As less daylight and cooler temperatures arrive, the leaves stop this process, turn colors and eventually fall off the trees.  The leaf essentially shuts itself off from the tree and dies. But don’t worry, they will be back again when favorable weather comes around.

The Trunk

Another essential part of the tree is the trunk. 

The primary function of the trunk is to push its leaves as high as they can go.  This way, there is less competition for light, and the tree can grow big and strong. The trunk’s second-just as important function is to transport food and water between the roots and the leaves.  And, in doing this, the trunk ensures the overall health of the tree.

What About the Bark?

Last and certainly not least is the bark — the outer shell of the tree.  The bark protects the trunk underneath while it is working away.  As the tree is a living thing, it is subject from attack from all sorts of things: disease, animals, bugs, and in some cases Mother Nature itself.

Just inside the outer bark is a softer substance called the phloem.  It is this substance that carries the food from the leaves to the rest of the tree.  Also, not many people realize this, but the innermost part of the tree often consists of dead cells.  So, your trees are super busy doing all this work to look pretty on the outside!

The bottom line is this: your trees need care and attention to become healthy and mature.  Yes, we want the roots to be healthy, and the Root Haven system can do that, but you need to care for the condition of the entire tree, too.  A healthy root system will not flourish without the other parts of the tree and vice versa.

If you’re planting new trees or thinking about some new additions for the fall, we’d love to tell you more about the Root Haven system to keep your new trees hydrated and healthy.