Likely you don’t give much thought to effective and efficient hydration to new trees.  Plant the tree, point the hose on it a few times and it is done, right?  Maybe.  But if you’ve ever had a tree not thrive after being planted, you know that there has to be more than just dirt on top and the garden hose.

The Root Haven system is designed to give efficient hydration to your new trees – even in water-restricted climates.  Root Haven is intended to be buried around the original root ball and can then be used to deliver essential hydration and also liquid nutrients and minerals into the system. We’ve seen more significant plant development, healthier trees and shrubs and deeper roots systems develop with Root Haven.


In arid climates, surface watering of trees is rarely sufficient. You can’t be sure that the water you apply to the ground will get to the roots. And, In many cases, when you water your trees at ground level, some of that can be evaporated long before it is absorbed into the ground.  Also, you may find that the water will reach the shallow roots of your new tree, but there is also a chance the root system will stay shallow.  Watering your trees deeper in the ground will give you more in-depth root system in your tree (ideal for long life in your trees).  The Root Haven is designed to deliver hydration deeper in the ground where your roots are.


In some drier climates watering becomes a futile effort as surface water evaporates before getting to the roots.  And in many environments where water restrictions are in place make ‘overwatering’ (just to make sure your new tree gets some moisture) not a feasible option.  By using Root Haven, you can make sure the correct amount of water is getting to your roots and not evaporating on the surface.  And in many cases, you can fill the Root Haven system, and it will continue to deliver water for days. Through the use of direct underground hydration, much less water is needed, while hydration is provided directly to the roots. This becomes a smart option for conservation as well as an excellent option to keep your roots healthy and hydrated.

Additional Protection

When Root Haven is used in conjunction with the shield wrap, it can offer your new root bulb additional protection from burrowing animals, too. Root Haven can be formed into a basket via a shield wrap. In the closed basket, mode soil is kept segregated from the outer soil layer, and protection is provided against burrowing animals.  While also providing a means for roots to emerge from the basket while the tree develops.

We would be thrilled to tell you more about the Root Haven system and how it can work for you and your trees and shrubs. Don’t let the unforgiving climate stop you from having the landscape you’d like. We can help!